Un-Cramping The Kitchen

When you say two heads are better than one and collaboration is key, you   scratch the surface of why a team can be more adept than a single person at hashing out an idea and executing a project. 

But when too many of those key collaborators evolve into cooks in a cramped and musty kitchen, brainstorming becomes a tooth and nail death match for which ingredients in which proportions should be added when. The proverbial cramped cooks converse: 

Cook 1: Two hard boiled eggs 10 seconds after the water’s boiling

Cook 2: its time for the sardines I wrapped them in prosciutto, bacon, and seaweed

Cook 3: I thought we all agreed red velvet cake batter was going to be our secret ingredient? I’m adding it! 

Sounds crazy and disgusting. Even worse imagine a less crowded kitchen that affords each cook space to concoct to their own frankensteinian delight yet still required to combine their offering with their fellow chefs’ - one big, sloppy meal with myriad input and guttural results. 

At a time like the above, someone has to stand back and say: What the hell are we cooking and why? 

Define the core reason for a team and a project to exist. What is your purpose? 

Without defined purpose our three cooks serve up stomach aches and gags for dinner; with it they craft a three-course meal to delight the most sophisticated palette. 


Tim DevaneComment