Bucket List

The other day I saw via Instagram the Patagonia Bowery team on a weekend hike in the Catskills. The gorgeous falls they’d arrived at in the picture were called Fawn’s Leap. I’ve recently been making an effort to get out and about in and out of the city with friends on weekends and I wanted to save this place as somewhere to visit. My first thought: Foursquare. 

What I’m now affectionately calling my Foursquare Bucket List is a new way to use the application, at least for me. Often, people save a place to a list on Foursquare because:

1). They loved it and want to remember it and recommend it to friends.

2). They’ve heard about a place that they want to visit the next time that they’re in a larger place where the former place is located, that place’s neighborhood, town, or city. 

In this new use-case, I’m employing foursquare as a motivational instrument, a wonderful pretext to travel, reminding me of a specific reason I wanted to visit an area or city in the first place. Instead of arriving in San Francisco and looking up my old list of places I loved, I want to use Foursquare as the app of record for thinking about my next trips.

Why do we visit places? Because of reasons we wanted to go beforehand. My foursquare Bucket List lets me capture many of those reasons and store them for when I’m thinking about a big vacation or an early morning hike or anything else in between. Maybe its just a way to listen to that part of my brain that says I’ve always wanted to go there more often. When I can discover something intriguing about a place before I go and then remember it, that may be all the motivation I need to actually go and enjoy it in the future. 

I’m excited about this new use and I hope more people are doing it too and using foursquare in other creative ways. Its an amazing application. 

Tim DevaneComment