Joining Nextview

Since I graduated from college, I’ve been drawn to early stage venture investing. I can’t say it was because I studied the asset class or had any financial training whatsoever. I’ve been drawn to two attributes that have always stood as genuine and unique to the field. First, that venture existed at a profound intersection: that of Art & Science, Design & Data, Innovation & its Funding. My mind is an amorphous jumble but this duality is what does shape it. There’s very little more powerful and stimulating than when two of the essential forces for creation and existence - paintbrush and calculator - collide. 

The second is something I’ve learned from Jordan as a measure to live life by: the ability to have an impact. To me, done sincerely, consistently and in earnest, the portfolio model provides a profound opportunity for an individual to have an impact across all of the companies in which they’ve invested. I say sincerely as I believe there is a low bar to actually delivering here. But, done right, venture investing is unmatched in impact potential. 

Today I’m thrilled to say that I’m joining NextView Ventures as their New York-based Principal and first New York investor for the fund. Rob, Lee, Dave, and Jay have built a fantastic fund and presence in Boston as well as SF and NY via the portfolio through focus - leading seed investments - and consistently delivering for the startups they’ve invested in. I’m humbled and thrilled that they’ve asked me to help bring their culture, discipline, and focus to New York. 

I have to thank an entire city, two schools, and incredible ocean of individuals for getting me to this point. I only hope I can repay the kindness, guidance and support you’ve shown by doing venture the right way, which will be a constant work in progress. And by taking everyone who’s had an impact on my career to this point for lunch or coffee or breakfast or dinner, which is what I’ll be spending the next few weeks doing as I ramp up to starting with NextView early this summer. 

Tim DevaneComment